Anorak News | Off with the Beeb’s cowardly time-serving heads – let Liz MacKean wield the axe

Off with the Beeb’s cowardly time-serving heads – let Liz MacKean wield the axe

by | 14th, November 2012

THE most unlikely scenario to cure what ails Aunty Beeb seems to be blindingly obvious.

Get Liz MacKean back and promote her along with some of her colleagues to a senior level where they can either blow the whistle on – or actually start the ball rolling on sacking Jeremy Paxman’s “cowards and incompetents”.

Paxman the veteran BBC2 Newsnight presenter had been crying “foul” over the resignation (?) / sacking (?) but definite departure of director general George Entwistle.

Paxman also damned a culture of “timeserving” and “biddable” managers.

But Liz MacKean is a hard-hitting broadcaster and journalist.

Liz should be the star in any article about women in high places.

A campaign should be launched at once to have Liz MacKean brought back into the higher echelons of Aunty.

She took voluntary redundancy after having the unmitigated gall to speak out over the original axing of the programme over the Jimmy Savile abuse scandle scheduled for broadcast by Newsnight but pulled in under – yet to be explained – odd circumstances.

Anyone who stood close enough to the gross, personally unhygienic Savile got more than the stench of his body.

Tales of his wrong doing were legion as was the suspicion of collusion and cover-up by the “arty-farty” mob running the trendy “pop” section of the Beeb. An area about as far away from newsgathering as the respective talents of Brooks and MacKean.

The Beeb’s youff effort was even more remote from the magnificent up-beat rival spawned by Tyne Tees Television – The Tube.

Who better to wield the surgical scalpel than Liz, the one who suffered first-hand from these pension-watching “editors” and back-biters still running the Beeb?

MacKean also happens to be the only one who has so far proved to be good at her job, selfless and, above all, honorable.

There should be an Anorak Award named for her and in her praise.

She also looks a damn sight better than Paxo.

Won’t happen of course. The Establishment will muddle on and blame the journos.

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