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C’mon Israel! Now only the anti-deutsche support the fighting Jews

by | 18th, November 2012

IN Germany, the antideutsche are celebrating Israel. The antideutsche are Germans who are not all that keen on Germany. Brian Whelan says they are holding squat parties to cheer on the Israelis. This anti-Germany stuff is bit odd. But once upon time the Left all cheered for the Israelis. Israel was the dream of the Left, a socialist Utopia. But that’s largely gone. The nation became the Jew.

It was the fabled Six-Day War in 1967, when Israel won the Golan Heights from Syria, the West Bank from Jordan and the Sinai from Egypt when things began to change in the West’s view of Zion. It was a sensational victory. But here was also injustice for the Palestinians. The Sinai was handed back. The rest was kept.

Back then we cheered. When I saw General Moshe Dayan, one eye covered in that patch, I was on his side. I heard the stories and I willed the Israelis on. This was it. Dayan was the hero, who stirred the embers of my soul. The horrors of centuries of torment and persecution epitomised by the ashes of the Holocaust were being turned into a land for the dispossessed who’d been forced to Wonder form their God-given home. This time, against the mighty odds, the Jews would win.

But then… The Israeli military machine became less efficient. Perpetual war became corrosive. Medinath Yisrael has never known peace. The Arabs, often driven by racism, have not helped the Palestinians by backing their refusal to accept peace. Sores burn on both sides.

The Israelis think about their country a lot. They try to work it out in their own minds. But they should not dwell too much on the failures. A country hewn from history and shaped by genocide in Europe has been a beacon of tolerance and democracy in a sea of totalitarianism and bigotry. Israelis should be proud of their achievements.

In Israel everything is so close. History is always there. But peace remains elusive…

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