Anorak News | Tulisa and Danny: the media handlers and lawyers take over the love story

Tulisa and Danny: the media handlers and lawyers take over the love story

by | 19th, November 2012

IN “I want Tu make it work”, the Daily Mirror leads with news that X Factor judge Tulisa Contostavlos’ latest lover, Newcastle United footballer Danny Simpson, “is standing by her”. Stoic Danny has dated Tulisa three times, we are told.

Danny Simpson last night vowed to stay with his new love Tulisa Contostavlos – despite claims his ex-girlfriend is pregnant with his child.

Claims? The story has shifted. That Stephanie Ward was pregnant with Simpson’s baby was presented as fact a few days ago. The Mirror wrote of the soapy situation:

As a pregnant mum, she was horrified that she found herself competing with Tulisa.

The shift is subtle. Having been introduced to a pregnant woman and mother to Simpson’s other child, we now meet a women who “claims” to be carrying Simpson’s baby. The story continues:

His ex Stephanie Ward, 25, believes she is 11 weeks pregnant by him but Danny, also 25, showed his commitment to Tulisa when he travelled 300 miles to London to see her on Saturday night after playing at home for Newcastle United.


Tulisa has already tweeted Stephanie:

“u r a liar n a psychotic obsessed nutta! Wait til I tell it how it is … wrongen.”

A “nutter” who “believes” she is prenant by Simpson? The Sun has informed us way back on November 16th:

Stephanie is the mother of Simpson’s baby girl Skye-Lorena and is expecting their second child in six months.

Last night, Tulisa performed on stage in London. The Sun reports:

Tulisa put reports that she’s a homewrecker behind her, squeezing in to tight gold hotpants for a performance at G-A-Y last night.

Tulisa, who says Simpson was single when they began dating, “showed off her toned pins in the shorts and matching jacket”.

What she wore to tweet is unsaid, but she told her fans and followers:

“Ow there has been a lot of B******T in the press this week! Only part of it that’s true is I am very happy wid my man @dannysimpson #HAPPY”.

And just like in the Mirror we get to see shots of happy Tulisa and happy Danny together.

This story about two consenting adults would be forgettable and easy to ignore were it not for the apparent cajoling hand of media handlers. What Tulisa does or does not do with her genitals with other consenting adults should be her own business. But the tweets and the tabloid stories make us look and wonder. Having been told one thing and then another, we today get a new arrival on the scene. In “Tulisa affair left me wrecked”, the Sun hears from actor Jody Latham, who has dated Tulisa.

SHAMELESS actor Jody Latham has told how he was left heartbroken when telly’s Tulisa Contostavlos dumped him — to date footballer Danny Simpson. Jody, 30, spent weeks romancing the 24-year-old X Factor judge.

Want to know when they met? October 9. No. 2012. The story talks of babies and buying a home together. Today’s Mirror story is:

The footballer believes he can start a serious, longterm relationship with the X Factor judge and is determined to make it work.

We get it. Tulsia does not flit from one man to another. She does serious.

Back to the Sun’s Latham scoop. A “source” arrives to tell Sun readers:

“He said she was nothing like the ghetto girl you see on TV. She was vulnerable and wanted to be cared for by him. And she let him for a while till something else clearly came along.”

Tulisa is vulnerable and caring.

The actor was staying with Tulisa when fellow X Factor judge Gary Barlow accused her on air of having “fag-ash breath”. The source said: “When she got home she was devastated and went to the bedroom in tears. Jody cuddled and consoled her for hours. She felt humiliated.”

Tulisa is sensitive and upset by a man. (See that leaked sex tape.)

Days after Jody — who last week confessed in court to growing cannabis plants — left London for Manchester, Tulisa started to change towards him.

Tulisa has been let down by a man.

“He and Tulisa kept messaging but then he got a text saying she was dating Danny. She said she was so sorry and didn’t cheat on him…”

Tulsia does not do cheating.

Tulisa was spotted with Simpson in Manchester and Newcastle last week. The footballer’s pregnant ex — mother of his young daughter — has accused him of cheating on her with Tulisa. He has denied this. Simpson hurried to Tulisa’s side after Newcastle’s game on Saturday. He rushed to the Xtra Factor studios before the pair headed to nightclub G-A-Y. The soccer star was also in the X Factor audience last night and whooped as Tulisa came on.

Star“? Not “bad boy“, as the Sun has called him?

Oh. If you follow the Mirror’s Fleet Street Fox’s tweet “HEY KIDS! Get a sex tape and shag a footballer or else you’re a failure”, you get a dead link. You won’t find the article on the Mirror’s website. It’s gone.

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