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‘Reasonably good’ Bolton doctors produce a cracking website

by | 19th, November 2012

THE website of Bolton’s Dr. Surinder Singh and Dr. Stephen James Authe is a gem. They say of their surgeries on Halliwell Rd and Wyresdale Rd:

Hello, and welcome to our surgeries.

We operate a friendly 2-doctor 2-site (Wyresdale Road and Halliwell Road) practice, where we hope to provide a reasonably good standard of medical care. We do not pretend to be the best NHS surgery under the sun…

They complain:

In the name of progress, we feel that we are being forced to lose our individuality and to practice in a very standard manner. General practice is becoming less personal and more anonymous, and this appears to be the price we pay for modernisation… The decreasing numbers of GP’s in this country are expected to provide an increasing range of services, and meet numerous ‘targets’ that are being forced upon us.

Despite all this, the doctors and practice nurses strive to provide a caring medical service in a friendly atmosphere and our priority is the appropriate medical management of our patients, irrespective of colour, wealth or social status. We prefer to work in the fashion of the old-fashioned GP, who actually knew their patients well. We will make no pretence to be politically correct. We do not bother with suits and ties, and the fancy airs and graces that some patients have come to expect of the medical profession. We will generally say what needs to be said.

They complain some more:

With the increasing demands on our time of paperwork and organisation, it is impossible for us to fill the roles of social workers, DHSS benefit experts and other paramedical workers, etc., although we may refer you on to them. We find that everyone feels that the GP is ‘ideally placed’ to deal with everything, and we are having to differentiate between actual medical care, and ‘everything else’.

And you’d best behave:

In registering with this practice, we regard our relationship as a contract, whereby we endeavor to provide you with optimum medical care in an efficient manner, but we expect that you in turn will help us to do this by using our service appropriately. We reserve the right to terminate the contract if we feel that our needs are not being met, or our services being abused, just as you can change your doctor.

Patients can be sacked:

Our relationship must be based upon mutual trust. If there is no trust, then perhaps you should consider finding a doctor that you can trust…Ultimately, the practice of any doctor is also affected by their personality, and the GP-patient relationship is an interaction between personalities, whilst the art and science of medicine is being delivered.

Feeling better?

Dr. Singh [pictured above]
is a male full-time GP who is married with 2 daughters, with a strong interest in complementary therapies. He is most definitely not politically correct, and cannot recall the last time he wore the old Disney ties his kids used to insist on. He is a grumpy old sod, and he can bite! But he is generally benign most of the time.

Dr. Authe
is also a married full-time male GP with children who is a qualified surgeon, who has chosen to enter General Practice.

With all the increasing pressures upon us, we can categorically state that the doctors in this practice suffer stress like everyone else, and we ask your help to use our services sensibly. Help us to keep our blood pressures down, so we can live longer! We feel it is important for patients to realise that we are normal human beings, like you, and we also have ‘good and bad days’. Sometimes the stress arises from the sheer volume and pressure of work, and at other times, pressures may come from our personal lives. Just as we provide support for you at difficult times, we ask for your understanding at other times.

Best of luck…

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