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Hello There, Racists! Tumblr blog is twinned with Salem

by | 20th, November 2012

ARE you a racist? Do you say racist things? A new tumblr called Hello There, Racists! collates your racist comments. You can, of cours, be guilty of unwitting racism. The site is so open abuse it can never work. The site’s owner notes:

I was disappointed to see that this website was taken off the internet. I am not the originator of this site, but I will try to restore it to its former glory.

Some people are angry that this may cost these fools, that they won’t be able to get a job, or get into college. This makes no sense. Here you have fools who are judging others on the basis of the color of their skin, and I am supposed to feel sorry for them if their foolishness causes them problems? Please.

Others say that teenage racism should be excused, because teenagers have a problem with impulse control. This also makes no sense. The problem is not that they voiced their racism, but that they hold these views to begin with.

If any of these idiots wants to respond to what they have done, contact me and I will post your comment in full. If you have a compelling explanation for why you posted this, inform me and I will remove the entry.

Emily Bazelon takes a view:

My reporting on cyberbullying has persuaded me that the reason kids (and adults) post stupid things semipublicly is that almost every time, no one notices or cares. The chances of being embarrassed are still too remote to register in that nanosecond before people push the send/post/tweet button—even though the consequences are dramatic when you end up as one of the unlucky few with your 15 minutes of Internet infamy. I guess that becomes a little less true every time someone puts up this kind of Tumblr. But the learning process should happen at the expense of the big trolls, like Michael Brutsch. As Emily Yoffe points out, “these sites are pinning kids like butterflies as permanent racists. These idiotic, repulsive remarks will follow them for years and have potential effects on their ability to go to college, to get jobs. We need to tread very lightly with the privacy of minors.”

It’s Salem without the glamour…

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