Anorak News | Burger King starts delivering in New York

Burger King starts delivering in New York

by | 20th, November 2012

CANCEL that table reservation at the palace. Burger King is delivering.

To New York, where Piers Morgan, the smell of Burger King, could be one his way over to your home. Morgan’s carrying Whoppers and a Chocolate Hand Spun Shake. GULP!

Burger King plans to start delivering its diet of fat, sugar and doughy buns to those New Yorkers no longer able or bothered to walk to the front door.

Knackered mums and dads in the Big Apple will soon be able to quieten their children by picking up the phone and waiting for Piers to pop over and deliver his stash of meaty pacifiers to their slack-jawed brood. Socialites worried about sitting on dribbled ketchup can finally eat a Burger King unmolested. New lovers dating vegetarians can snack before going “to eat”.

Feel bloated in the comfort of your own pit. Live the dream…

Spotter: Business Insider

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