Anorak News | Obama speaks in favour of decriminalising marijuana

Obama speaks in favour of decriminalising marijuana

by | 20th, November 2012

BACK in 1994, Barack Obama was keen to rethink the failing war on drugs.

During his first term the key member of the Choom Gang did nothing. And then on the day of his re-election to a second and final term – the time when legacies are written – Colorado passed Amendment 64 to legalise marijuana for recreational use.


You can read about Obama getting wasted here.

And you can know that were Obama leads his ticks – pot-puffing David Cameron and Ed Milliband – follow.

Photo: An estimated crowd of 1,000 persons attended a Marijuana Harvest Festival and Smoke in a Madison Park in Madison, Wisconsin on Saturday, Sept. 25, 1971. They did just what they said they?d do-smoke pot-and none of them were arrested. 

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