Anorak News | Play ‘Football Manager’ and get a job in the Azerbaijan Premier League

Play ‘Football Manager’ and get a job in the Azerbaijan Premier League

by | 22nd, November 2012

IF you’ve played Football Manager (or Championship Manager, or whatever the other one is called), you’ll know what a life ruiner it is. Men have been reduced to wrecks, pacing around their living rooms in their best suits, worn specially for cup final day. Degrees have fallen to the wayside as sleep-deprived students aim to get AFC Wimbledon into the Champion’s League.

And all for nothing, right?


See, some bright spark has actually landed a managerial job in the Azerbaijan Premier League thanks to Football Manager.

The 21-year-old student has taken over FK Baku based on how good he is at the game. Vugar Huseynzade was employed by the club as an assistant after he wowed the club with his knowledge gained from the footballing simulator. FK Baku must be mental, or indeed, the game developers are performing an excellent PR stunt.

Vugar was promoted to first-team coaching duties after FK Baku’s two-year spell without a manager, according to ESPN and, better yet, it has been reported that this pup was offered the job ahead of French legend, Jean-Pierre Papin!

So there you have it. Video games DO have a purpose and indeed, can even get you a job! We look forward to a future robot army, remotely controlled by Call Of Duty players.

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