Anorak News | New Zealanders are defined as race apart In Australian name calling trial

New Zealanders are defined as race apart In Australian name calling trial

by | 23rd, November 2012

THAT’S racist! We might yet to find the Rosa Parks of non indigenous Kiwi emancipation, but we’re getting there. Being a New Zealander means being part of a distinct race. As Tim Blair notes:

A certain episode of Flight of the Conchords, in which Australians were described as being “descended from criminals and retarded monkeys”, will never be shown again. A fatwa, or beergutwa, will make sure of it.

Kiwis know they are a race apart because of the actions of Czech-born Petra Mills. The 31-year-old called Chelsea O’Reilly a “stupid fat Australian’”. Mills was drunk. she called the police to report an incident with her husband. They witnessed her words and made sound testimony at Macclesfield magistrates court.

Miss O’Reilly, a British/New Zealand dual national – mixed-race –  said being called Australian had offended her. Miss O’Reilly told magistrates:

“She called me a stupid fat Australian bitch. Because of my accent there can be some confusion over my nationalityShe knew I was from New Zealand. She was trying to be offensive.”

Mills tells the court:

“Yes, I shouted at her but it had nothing to do with racism. I did not used the word Australian. I used to live with an Australian person. She was very nice.”

. Chairman of the bench Brian Donohue has heard enough:

“You were in an emotional and inebriated state. The word Australian was used. It was racially aggravated and the main reason it was used was in hostility.”

Mills was fined £110 for racially aggravated public disorder and £200 for assaulting a police officer by kicking him. She was also ordered to pay both her victims £50 compensation and £500 court costs.

It now follows that anything New Zealand in nature is a racial matter. What those thing are needs defining. For fear of causing offence, we urge all Kiwi to wear a national flag on their clothing and the words “Not Bonza”.

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