Anorak News | Police looking for sexual abuse shut down Rochdale takeaway with no evidence nor proof of criminality

Police looking for sexual abuse shut down Rochdale takeaway with no evidence nor proof of criminality

by | 23rd, November 2012

TO Rochdale, scene of sexual depravity, paedophilia and Cyril Smith. The Times reports that Tariq’s Pizza Plus, in Milnrow, near Rochdale, Great Manchester, has been closed. There have been allegations made about a man who worked at the premises.

Earlier in the year nine men were jailed for numerous child-sex crimes in and around Rochdale. In November, nine more men appeared in court accused of sex offences allegedly committed against a Rochdale girl between 2008 and 2009.

But why close the eatery?

The worker at the Milnrow takeaway has been banned by a magistrate from contacting certain girls.

He has also been issued with several abduction notices as police continue to gather evidence.

What’s an “abduction notice”? The police tell us:

Children and young persons who persistently go missing often place themselves at significant risk of harm by forming associations and relationships with inappropriate individuals, sometimes much older than themselves. They can leave themselves vulnerable, particularly to sexual or physical exploitation. Such relationships go against the wishes of the child’s parents and carers.

A child/young person may go missing repeatedly and nearly always be found to have been in the company of the same adult, deemed inappropriate to be associating with them. In order to disrupt the criminal or undesirable activities of adults associating with young people, police can serve Child Abduction Warning Notices, formerly known as Harbourers Warning Notices. The Notices tend to be used where arrest/prosecution for any substantive offences is not available or is inappropriate at that time.

What is a Child Abduction Warning Notice?

A Child Abduction Warning Notice identifies the child/young person and confirms the suspect has no permission to associate with or to contact or communicate with the child. If the suspect continues to do so, they may be arrested and prosecuted for an offence under Section 2 of the Child Abduction Act 1984 or Section 49 of the Children and Young Persons Act 1989, or for any other criminal offence committed in relation to that child.

There are two types of Child Abduction Warning Notice. One for a child under 16 not in the care of a Local Authority and one for a child under 18 in the care of a Local Authority under Section 31 of the Children’s Act 1989. It’s essential the correct Notice is issued otherwise it will lose its value both in evidential terms and as a safeguarding tool.

What is the legislative basis for a Child Abduction Warning Notice?

There is no statutory or other legislative provision which deals specifically with the issue of a Child Abduction Warning Notice – it’s not a criminal offence if a Notice is breached. The Notices are basically part of an administrative process, but if issued correctly, they can provide evidence to support the prosecution of other criminal offences and/or to support civil proceedings, such as injunctions and Criminal Behaviour Orders.

Superintendent Chris Hankinsonsays the shop has been shut “to ensure that any risk to vulnerable youngsters is kept to a minimum while the criminal investigation continues”.

Why shut it. Why not watch it?

“In recent weeks, we have been informed about a pattern of antisocial behaviour relating to an individual who worked at these premises. An investigation is ongoing, but we felt it was important to take proactive measures to safeguard any children who may come into contact with this individual.”

And you do that by closing his place of work?

Rochdale council’s community safety manager, Jeanette Stale, adds:

“The council have reasonable grounds to believe that in recent months, crime and disorder related to the premises has occurred.”

Reasonable grounds? On a suss, the place is closed? What about evidence and proof? Are the police and local council so lazy they act first and ask questions later?

Police and social services failed children in Rochdale who were abused. Now they close businesses on a whisper?

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