Anorak News | The mysterious death of Uwe Sattler – Germany’s Gareth Williams

The mysterious death of Uwe Sattler – Germany’s Gareth Williams

by | 25th, November 2012

TO Hamburg, German, where the body of 43-year-old Uwe Sattler¬†has been found. He has been shot in the head. He has been tied-up in a sack. A rucksack is on his back – it’s full of rocks. The sack is in the River Elbe.

The can be only one explanation: suicide! A Hamburg police spokesman tells us:

“We are 99.999 percent certain it was suicide.¬†There is no other explanation; no other motive and no other evidence.”

It’s pretty clear that he placed a sack on the edge of a cliff; climbed into a sack; tied it closed with cable ties – leaving just enough room to reach his fingers thorugh a gap, grap the gun and fire a bullet into his head; his dead weight then casued him to tumble into the waters.

No gun was found.

Say police:

“It just goes to show, there is nothing that does not exist.”

And the best bit about that theory is that you never have to prove that the “nothing” actually exists. You just accept it. You don’t need to see it. It makes for peaceful and full life. Accept and move on. Why be like Sherlock Holmes and always look for the completion? Be more like Stephen Hawking, the scientist who set out to find the single thread that binds all things in the Ultimate Unified Theory of Everything only to give up. He concluded that not everything in the universe can be known. Settle for what you know. If it worked for Stephen Hawking, it can work for Hamburg’s finest.

Police went to Sattler’s falt. They found it bare of furniture. A note said all this stuff should be left to the building’s caretaker. He was single and unemployed. They traced none of his friends in Hamburg nor Berlin, where he had also lived. Odd indeed to know no-one.

Maybe Sattler knew MI6 worker Gareth Williams, who managed to pour himself into a bag, zip it up, seal it with a lock and then die inside? Well, nothing is impossible…

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