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Quote of the Year: Mohammad Dib explains Mustapha Dib

by | 27th, November 2012

QUOTE of the day is supplied by Mohammad Dib:

On Friday, Mustapha Dib [aka Mustapha Dob], known by friends, family and police as ‘Fairy,’ received a 30-year minimum jail sentence for the Lakemba murder of pregnant Anita Vrzina, 20, and wounding her partner, Ahmed Banat, with intent to murder in November 2000.

It was the second person he killed before he was 18 …

Mustapha’s brother Mohammad Dib, 34, who has spent at least eight years in jail for car rebirthing and his role in trying to cover up his brother’s role in the Lee murder, told Fairfax Media they are a ‘’normal family despite a few murders and shit’’.

Normal depends where you live…

Photo: Kate “Ma” Barker, right, and one of her four sons, Fred Barker, 32, are shown in the morgue, their bodies riddled with bullets, after a six-hour machine gun battle with federal agents in Ocklawaha, Fla., Jan. 16, 1935. The attendants and man at right are not identified. 

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