Anorak News | Ex-lover fined $105,761.81 for car ex-lover illegally parked

Ex-lover fined $105,761.81 for car ex-lover illegally parked

by | 28th, November 2012

REVENGE? Stupidity? Jennifer Fitzgerald has been presented with a $100,000 for parking a car she said she never owned.
She blamed her ex-boyfriend Brandon Preveau. She claims that Preveau, a United Airlines employee, bought the 1999 Chevy Monte Carlo for $600 in 2008, registered it in her name and then parked it in an O’Hare International Airport car park.
For three years the car never moved. It gathered 687 parking tickets, totalling $105,761.81 in fines.
Fitzgerald says the car should have been towed.
The tickets meant she had her driving licence revoked.
She is suing her ex-boyfriend, the city and United Airlines.
File under: Taxis for one.

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