Anorak News | Everyone who ever met Jimmy Savile to kill themselves by popular demand

Everyone who ever met Jimmy Savile to kill themselves by popular demand

by | 1st, December 2012

“SAVILE PROBE CELEB IS SUICIDAL,” declares the Mirror’s front-page headline. The story of Jimmy Savile and paedophilia is high places is now about one man’s survival.

The paper trills:

A close friend of the fourth celebrity quizzed by the Jimmy Savile probe squad yesterday accused police of indiscriminately rounding up suspects.

How close a friend? How old is this friend? Over 18? If they say “best friend” we’d wager they were underage, most likely at school. Only underage people say “best friend”.

The Mirror gives us some clues:

He insisted the children’s TV presenter, who is in his 80s, had done nothing wrong…The TV host’s mate, who has known him for 50 years, fumed: “Is everyone who ever worked with that man Savile going to be hauled in? Quite frankly, I think the police should be ashamed of what they’re doing. He wouldn’t do anything like this. We’ve spent hours on the river together and in each other’s homes, and we often confide in each other.”

It’s pretty clear that this anonymous riverman needs to be named. It’s in the public interest, isn’t it? The Mirror should run an interactive poll to see if readers want the friend of the man helping the police with their enquiries named. Dial 0800ADULTSRPERVS and press 1 if you want the man named; press 2 if you want him beaten with sticks; press 3 if you want him to sit in front of the the Mirror’s PaedoCam and have his reaction to children gauged. Objects to thrust before his eyes in the interactive live stream are: Robert Stephenson Smyth Baden-Powell; a Gary Glitter CD; a map of Thailand; a cigar; a Tops of the Pops album cover; Mr Chips; swings; BBC Television Centre.

The Mirror adds:

The children’s TV presenter, who we cannot name for legal reasons, was questioned under caution on suspicion of sexual offences at a South London police station on Thursday. He was released without charge after five hours.

Man not charged with child sex offences! Read all about it. That’s one, then. It’ll be your turn next…

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