Anorak News | Zoo magazine invites readers to bisect women

Zoo magazine invites readers to bisect women

by | 4th, December 2012

READERS of Zoo magazine were invited to state which half of a woman they enjoyed the most, and, in turn, which half they enjoyed the least. The woman could be bisected in any way.

Who knew that the ancient trick of sawing a lady in half was a serving suggestion?

No-one opted for the ‘Battenburg”. But some did reply on the magazine’s Facebook page:

Australia’s Advertising Standards Bureau was unimpressed:

“The image, disturbing nature of having a disembodied woman and the offensive, clearly sexist and even abusive nature of some responses on a page being used to advertise this product should not be allowed. Both the pictures, the questions that are posed and the responses are regularly demeaning and unacceptable to women. Women are objectified and sexualised.” 

Zoo said that “(men’s) choice of Zoo magazine is for a purpose — to engage with content that doesn’t require too much thought”.

But, sadly, for lads with shaky hands, it might need a steady hand lest the women get rough edges:





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