Anorak News | Hitman invites gamers to ‘murder’ and abuse women on Facebook

Hitman invites gamers to ‘murder’ and abuse women on Facebook

by | 4th, December 2012

HEY, gamers. Square Enix are marketing their Hitman: Absolution game with the opportunity insult people on Facebook. The email declares: “SWUATE ENIX “WANTS YOU TO PUT A HIT ON YOUR FRIENDS.”

A hit? As in murder them?

Rock Paper Shotgun tells us that ways to identify a “hit” on Facebook pals include:

  • Her awful make-up
  • Her ginger hair
  • Her annoying laugh
  • Her strange odour
  • Her big ears
  • Her muffing top
  • Her hairy legs
  • Her small tits

Muffing top? Her. Here. Her. Her. You get the idea… But it can be him. You can choose the “reasons” to murder.  You can type in “Jew”, “fat”, “Proddy”, “Fenian”,  “black”,  “gay” etc. The choice is yours. But in the above example, you can get the hitman to identify the target by her “small tits” and then murder her. And the best bit is she get to see her own online death. Nice stuff, eh…

Update: Having performed some gruesome markting the firm has no withdrawn the app.

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