Anorak News | Max Clifford needs a good PR man: celebrity fixer arrested in Operation Yewtree

Max Clifford needs a good PR man: celebrity fixer arrested in Operation Yewtree

by | 6th, December 2012

OH. MAX Clifford, former orgy facilitator and go-to man for tabloid shag ‘n’ tells has been arrested as part of the witch-hunt / hysteria / investigation into historic sex offences. Reports are that Clifford was arrested by Metropolitan Police officers working on Operation Yewtree.

The number of arrests now run at five. The other sare: Freddie Starr, Gary Glitter, Wilfred De’Ath and Dave Lee Travis.

Anyone know a good PR man to help out Max, a tabloid hero. And, Rupert Murdoch, please bring back the News of the World

What the BBC said:

He received death threats demanding he axe links with the five men who were suspected of the killing of black teenager Stephen Lawrence. He said he had not represented them, but had merely put them in touch with ITV interviewer Martin Bashir.

He also received death threats when he represented OJ Simpson.

The Guardian:

Clifford is the king of the PRs. The man with all the secrets. The guy you go to when you want to kiss and tell. The guy you go to if you don’t want your ex to kiss and tell. Max will flog it. Max will cover it up. Max can always call in a favour. Max knows where the bodies are buried. Max has buried a few of them himself. Whose finger is on the trigger? Max’s. And big, bad newspaper editors offend him at their peril. So publish and be damned they don’t.

On the telly:

Louis Theroux: Of the celebrities in the public eye, are there a lot of them that you have information on?
Max Clifford: Of course, because people call me every day with information on all kinds of people.
Louis Theroux: What do you have, do you have files?
Max Clifford: No.
Louis Theroux: [points to his head] So it’s all up here?
Max Clifford: I’m not interested in tittle-tattle and gossip. It doesn’t interest me and it never has done.
Louis Theroux: Because there’s a popular image of you, Max, as someone who kind of has a reservoir of banked stories that you can play like poker chips.
Max Clifford: I probably have a lot of information on an awful lot of people.
Louis Theroux: That’s a bit of a shame in a way, I like the idea of you and your filing cabinets, riffling through the celebrity names. Do you what I mean? I was hoping maybe you might even have something on me that you would dangle over my head like a guillotine.
Max Clifford: No, no. I mean, if that day ever comes then I’ll have a quiet word with you and say if I was you I’d be very careful about such-and-such, ‘cos they’re not the friend that you think they are. I do a lot of that as well.
Louis Theroux: Really? But if you didn’t like the way this documentary turned out and you felt we treated you unfairly…
Max Clifford: Oh, if you took liberties then that’s a different matter.
Louis Theroux: Then what?
Max Clifford: Then you’ve started a fight.
Louis Theroux: And then what?
Max Clifford: And then I’d fight back.
Louis Theroux: How?
Max Clifford: Whichever way I found to be most suitable.
Louis Theroux: With information?
Max Clifford: If that day ever happens then you’ll find out soon enough.

Max Clifford:

“A friend had lots of lovely friends and if someone was coming over and wanted to have a good time she would arrange girls – and men – for them. I wasn’t being paid. I was just controlling what was going on by dealing with a discreet madam.”

No OBE for his charity work No knighthood? Any ideas why?

As chance has it, the Kindle edition of his autobiography – Max Clifford: Read All About It – out on December 31.

Max Clifford – a life in photos.

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