Anorak News | Kate Middleton pregnancy watch: a Jewish ginger woman born to rule

Kate Middleton pregnancy watch: a Jewish ginger woman born to rule

by | 7th, December 2012

KATE Middleton Pregnancy Watch: Day 5 – the Duchess of Cambridge delivers a nuclear bomb, a ginger explosion and a Jewish woman to rule:

The front pages:

The Scotsman: “Smiling Kate leaves hospital”
The Times: “Kate heads for home”
The Guardian: “We are on the mend – Duchess leaves hospital”
The Telegraph: “Kate goes home for Christmas”
Daily Express: “Prince Charles just can’t wait to be a grandfather”
Daily Star: “Kate feels blooming fabulous”

Louise Mensch (The Sun): “LET’S just hope it’s a girl!”

Of course, it doesn’t really matter what sex Kate’s baby is — any child is wonderful.

See headline.

But after David Cameron scrambles to change succession laws in time, it really would be fitting if we had our first female heir apparent.

Because a female regent would be a big shift from the current situation?

…As the royal baby forces changes to the constitution, a less-noticed sideline removes the ban on Catholics marrying the monarch. What happens if Kate’s baby, if a girl, decides she’s actually Catholic? Or Jewish? Do we chuck her off the throne? Of course not.

Why can’t a boy make the same decision? Mensch doesn’t say. This is about “princess power”.

..Plenty of politicians will want to do more than help a first-born princess become Queen. We should boot out the bishops, let peerages go to daughters as well, change the rules on coats of arms.

We? Mensch resigned her parliamentary set to go and live in New York. Who are “we”?

…Meanwhile, as Kate’s baby changes more than nappies, Prince Charles should seize the moment. He should say, “I love my wife”, and declare that all this fake title nonsense should stop. Camilla has proven herself to the British people.

Fake titles? You want the heir to the throne, a man who is supposed to uhgold the idea if imperial power and superiority to say that some titles are “nonsense”? He makes people knights, dames and OBEs, What is fake? what is real?

…Charles would be respected by all if he said: “She is the Princess of Wales, and when I succeed, she will be Queen.”

…I would love to see Kate’s first-born daughter become Princess of Wales. And I would love to see Camilla take up that title, which she technically already holds.
She is the best of British — and when the time comes, King Charles III and Queen Camilla would do our country proud.

Timothy Spangler (OC Register): “Timothy Spangler: A pregnant pause from austerity for Britain”

As ordinary Britons tighten their belts, they have still managed to successfully put their country on display several times in the past two years. As a result, they have earned invaluable fame and affection around the world. For this, the British nation should be proud.

Much austerity still lies ahead for Britain, as economic projections are being recalibrated to reflect continuing recession.
However, the announcement that the next heir to the throne may only be a few months away from making his or her appearance has given the country yet another reason to smile proudly, even in the face of continuing economic uncertainty.

EOT: “Kate Middleton, Like Princess Diana, Expected to Skip Palace Birth”

“Kate will definitely give birth in a hospital, certainly if she is still enduring complications such as this,” said ABC News royals consultant Victoria Arbiter.

World Socialist Web Site: “The American establishment and the British royal pregnancy”

The announcement that Kate Middleton, wife of Britain’s Prince William and Duchess of Cambridge, is expecting a baby has produced unseemly squeals of delight from the American media and establishment generally…

CNN’s Jane Velez-Mitchell asked her viewers Monday evening, “Are you excited? I am. We’ve got breaking news… Since the moment they [the prince and his wife] walked down the aisle, rumors have run rampant that the wildly popular couple are expecting. But tonight, a year and a half after their wedding, we have confirmation—the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expecting a baby—yay!—and an heir to the throne.”…

On CNN’s HLN evening show, “Showbiz Tonight,” host A.J. Hammer observed, “Already we’ve seen the reaction to the news that Catherine is merely pregnant. What if it turns out she’s carrying twins? It would be like a nuclear explosion of baby news.” He asked his guest, Rosie Pope, “You can hear my head is exploding, right?”
Pope responded, “My head is exploding, too. It’s—I’m speechless just even thinking about it. I mean, the possibility is incredibly exciting, however unlikely.”

Harriet Jane (Indy): “What if Kate Middleton’s baby is ginger?”

No sooner had William and Kate announced the news that they were expecting a baby, than the bookies started taking bets on what it would be. A boy? A girl? (A pretty safe bet it’ll be one or the other). More popular than Prince Charles? (Probably). A brunette? (6/4). A ginger?

While the Duke of Cambridge and the wholeheartedly brunette Duchess might blanch at the thought of a little ginger bonce issuing forth out of the Middleton nether regions in six months’ time, I for one would be delighted. Maybe this would be the final nail in the coffin for ginger phobia. Our very own little redheaded king or queen to be. Yes, Prince Harry, Damien Lewis and Nicola from Girls Aloud have done noble work on the front line, but they have not fully eradicated the haters…

A red-headed monarch – let’s hope Kate, quite literally, delivers! Just look at the pedigree – Henry II, Henry VIII, Elizabeth I. It’s about time we had one more, and any last vestiges of anti-ginger feeling in this sceptred isle be knocked on the head once and for all.

Toodle Pippa!

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