Anorak News | Durham University students go Porting in Durham

Durham University students go Porting in Durham

by | 7th, December 2012

A FEW students at Durham University are attempting to create their own mini Bullingdon Club by pouring bottles of port over their heads in public. A film has been uploaded on YouTube. You might expect comments to be about how austerity is not universal and that wasting alcohol should be a crime punishable by death.

Let’s see some of the better comments:

theverymute Disgusting, think of all the chilrden [sic] in Africa who could get drunk on that. Shame on you.

MilkingNewcastle29 minutes ago – come back and talk to us when you have half a million views

The Milkers v the Porters. Which has the shiner hair?

theverymute – Oh so you though “let’s do it with port”, that will be funny cos like… we’ve got lots money. And yet it weren’t awesome, how about snoresome. Jump on our bandwagon – go build a sand dragon (it’s just like a snowman except it’s seen by no one). You can’t creative… this is Newcastle native. Do something first, then I’ll praise you in verse

Henry Madell classic durham.

Madell reading Classics. Your starter for 10: “Where do you buy your shirts?”

Matthew Price You pack of bellends

A pride of knobs. A herd of dicks. A flange of meat whistles.

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