Anorak News | Monkey in sheepskin coat and nappy captured in Ikea

Monkey in sheepskin coat and nappy captured in Ikea

by | 10th, December 2012

A MONKEY wearing a sheepskin coat and nappy has been apprehended in a Toronto branch of Ikea.

When Anorak first read that we were impressed. Had humanity reached its heights and trained monkeys to go shopping? The doors to Ikea are hells mouth. Save ourselves with a pet monkey personal shopper. Give him enough cash to get an outfit in Jesus Frescos R Us and send him on his way.

Then we read on and discovered that the monkey had been locked in a car by its owners, who were shopping. The monkey had escaped.

Ikea survivor and shopper Stephanie Yim spotted the monkey. She told CBC news:

“It was the weirdest thing. I thought I was going insane. It would start ‘monkey-screaming. It seemed like it was screaming around for someone [it] knew. It was sad.”

It was in IKEA. Of course the little fella was sad.

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