Anorak News | Israeli Spy Vulture downed in Sudan – first they came for the corpses

Israeli Spy Vulture downed in Sudan – first they came for the corpses

by | 12th, December 2012

TO Kereinek, a town in the Darfur region of western Sudan, where locals have down an Israeli spy vulure.  The bird has been fitted with a GPS device. It carries a solar-powered gadget to broadcast images via satellite. And that is not all. The vulture’s leg bears a tag with the legend “Israel Nature Service” and “Hebrew University, Jerusalem”.Curse those muderous Israelis! First they kill and kill some more with glee and bloodlust, then they send covert troops to devour the evidence.

A Mossad stooge says that the bird Ohad Hazofe is part of an ecological project. He says: “That’s the only way we knew something had happened to the bird – all of a sudden it stopped flying and started travelling on the ground.”

We’ve also spotted Zionist Vultures in Saudi Arabia. And in May, Turkey reported the downing of a bird with  “unusually large nostrils”. Hooked-nosed and clawed-handed, the Jew bords are,  blessedly, easy to spot, fitting in neatly with anti-Semitic tropes of the Nazi era.

Also know that Jews are Sharks.

And Mice:

But have no fear because the Pioneers of Tomorrow have Jew-eating rabbits:

And its own mouse that can beat up vultures from the inside:

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