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CCTV footage of fools in train stations released

by | 12th, December 2012

BEING drunk on a train is the single most soul-destroying experience a human can suffer. Sat on a wobbling, hot carriage with a headache, reeking of ale and needing the toilet every 10 minutes. If you’re going to be drunk on a train, at least have the clout to have been on a good night out beforehand, rather than just getting trolleyed on a choo-choo.

That said, if you do end up tottering through a train station when you’ve had a few, you might end up on a video put out by a train company.

That’s what Network Rail have done, sticking a compilation of foolishness online, including one lady who struggles with anĀ escalator which drags her all the way back to the top and a pair of women careering into concrete with their faces after spinning around a pole.

The footage was released by Network Rail, not to laugh at our misfortune, but rather, urge us all to be careful over Christmas.

Robin Gisby, Network Rail’s managing director for network operations, said:

“A combination of more people carrying Christmas shopping, trailing wheelie suitcases, wet and windy weather and people travelling late after festive parties, make December a time where we see more people take a tumble.

“Our station teams are doing all they can to help passengers get home safe including welcoming back our travel champions in London who received such praise for their professionalism and help during the Olympic Games.”

He added:

“We don’t want to see anyone hurt at our stations so we’ll be doing what we can to keep concourses dry and clean and signposting lifts clearly for those with heavy luggage. Please plan ahead so you don’t end up rushing to catch your train – falling over could be a miserable end to an enjoyable evening.”

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