Anorak News | Kate Middleton Pregnancy Watch: The Hobbit, anorexia, Morrissey and Vicky Beckham

Kate Middleton Pregnancy Watch: The Hobbit, anorexia, Morrissey and Vicky Beckham

by | 12th, December 2012

KATE Middleton Pregnancy Watch: The Duchess of Cambridge pregnancy in the news – Day 11: Jacintha Saldanha, Morrissey and Victoria Beckham’s Hobbit.

The front pages

Only the Daily Star leads with news of Kate’s pregnancy, and only then it’s about Jacintha Saldanha.

“ROYAL Radio Hoaxers Face Jail – Prank victim nurse left suicide note”


Daily Mail:

The pregnant Duchess of Cambridge has pulled out of attending the high profile British premiere of The Hobbit in London tomorrow due to her continuing sickness.
Kate, 30, who was hospitalised last week after developing hyperemesis gravidarum, a condition which leaves sufferers battling constant nausea and vomiting, suffered a relapse on Sunday and is now deemed too ill to attend the charity gala.

Royal sources stressed there was no cause for alarm and said Prince William would attend without his wife as planned.

Paternity leave cancelled for a film.

“…he was forced to cancel a planned appearance at the British Military Tournament at Earl’s Court after she fell ill again.”

Forced? Or chose?

What does Morrissey think?


British singer Morrissey has blamed the British royal family for the apparent suicide of a nurse caught in a radio prank involving the Duchess of Cambridge, saying he suspected the royal household put “maximum pressure on her” after the scandal…

The anti-monarchist celebrity told 3 News he was sure the royal household “put maximum pressure on this poor receptionist and nurse, and of course that’s kept away from the press.”
He also questioned the severity of Kate’s condition, saying “is it anorexia, or is it pregnancy? We don’t know”.


“She feels no shame about the death of this woman. She’s saying nothing about the death of this poor woman. The arrogance of the British royals is staggering, absolutely staggering – and why it’s allowed to be I don’t know,” the former Smiths singer said.

Only the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge did release a statement on December 7, when Mrs Saldanha, 46, was found dead, saying they were “deeply saddened”.

But, no, Kate has not gone on the telly to weep for Jacintha.

So. Eating issues?

BigPondNews: “Victoria Beckham congratulates royals”

Victoria Beckham sent the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge flowers to congratulate them on the news they are expecting their first baby…

A source said: ‘Victoria sent flowers and a card to congratulate William and Kate.

‘Victoria really understands morning sickness and has suffered terribly from it herself during all her pregnancies. Victoria actually lose weight in the first trimesters and couldn’t keep her food down, so she really felt for Kate, as she knew a little of what she was going through.’

Maybe Kate can hire a Jacintha to have at home?

Tribune (Pakistan): “The Duke and Duchess will not hire a nanny”

So. It’s slaves, then?

They may hire a part-time nanny help to serve as a babysitter when the royal couple is busy with engagements, and Kate’s parents Carole and Michael Middleton will also lend a helping hand whenever they can. “They will, probably, use a part-time nanny to help them out when they have to attend events and have a babysitter, but they don’t want a full-time nanny,” a friend said.

Such are the facts…

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