Anorak News | Andy Kershaw spots Santa Savile doing the Radio 1 Christmas Party

Andy Kershaw spots Santa Savile doing the Radio 1 Christmas Party

by | 12th, December 2012

GIVEN the need to stuff festive stockings or find something to get through the hideous day, I cannot recommend highly enough Andy Kershaw’s bio No Off Switch. To buy click here.

Ch 32, A Tour of the Cages, adds context to the photo – a Christmas lunch in 1985, held in September. He writes:

“My Radio 1 colleagues could be categorised into three species: there were those who, by the measures of most people, would be considered unfit to be released into the community, never mind set loose on national radio; others had absolutely no personality whatsoever, and even less interest in music, rendering their presence in the broadcasting game, and on a music radio station at that, unfathomable; and just a handful were quite normal, engaging individuals. How the latter bunch ever got over the threshold is, in the light of evident recruitment priorities, perhaps the biggest mystery.”

He explains that Sir Jimmy Saveloy is not in the pic because he demanded extra lolly for publicity pics. But he was in the room. Prior to the snap, “crashing through the swing doors from the kitchen into the dining room, robed and hooded in a Father Christmas costume and pushing on a trolley a mutantly-proportioned roast turkey, was none other than Sir Jimmy Savile, veteran Radio 1 DJ, tireless charity worker and another national institution, much recognised for his interest in young people.” [My emphasis].

This was written before Savile’s death. I think Kershaw was hinting at something, allegedly….

Photo: DJs Liz Kershaw (left) and Andy Kershaw join fans of the BBC 6 Music radio station as they protest against its possible closure during the Save 6 Music protest outside BBC Broadcasting House, London. . Picture date: Saturday March 27, 2010. 

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