Anorak News | Novak Djokovic buys all the donkey cheese in the world

Novak Djokovic buys all the donkey cheese in the world

by | 13th, December 2012

WINNING Wimbledon is one thing, but for Novak Djokovic, it isn’t nearly as good as donkey cheese. That’s right. You can buy donkey cheese. Or at least, you could before Novak bought all the donkey cheese in the world. ALL OF IT.

Donkey cheese was unveiled earlier in the year, in a burger that costs £3,000 from a restaurant in Vegas and is one of the most expensive foods on the planet. And now, the Wimbledon champ has it all for himself.

Donkey cheese is similar to Manchego, basically white and crumbly, but ‘pule’ is richer. The last time we heard about donkey dairy was Cleopatra bathing in asses milk. And Djokovic’s donkey cheese company also makes asses-soap.

Absolutely all of this story sounds like farce.

However, it seems there is a market for unusual cheeses. Another expensive item is Swedish moose cheese which costs £630 per kilogram.

Simic, a donkey cheese producer, said they agreed to the sale because the tennis ace was a great ambassador for their product. He said: “It will save a lot of effort having to deal with various restaurants, with only one customer buying the lot we don’t have to worry too much about salesmen. It is a great vote of confidence as well in what we do here.”

Imagine milking a donkey. It seems weird doesn’t it?

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