Anorak News | Alvin Stardust and the Jimmy Savile who might have been bald

Alvin Stardust and the Jimmy Savile who might have been bald

by | 14th, December 2012

“I WOULD have punched Jimmy Savile in the face.” So says Alvin Stardust, 1970s gloveman and stammering, nut-friendly songermesiter (Coo-Coo-caschew). The quote appears on the cover of OK! beside a photo of Alvin sat on a big whicker chair with his wife and daughter. This is an audience with the “legend” in Mauritius.

Alvin runs in the surf. He is dressed in white shirt and jeans. It matters not wher you are, getting jeans wet on the beach is a major faux pas. They shinks and are a bugger to peel off.

Alvin, married to his third wife Julie Paton – his “soul partner” – and larking about with their 11-year-old daughter Millie (formerly christened in OK!), wants to talk about Jimmy Savile.

“I’ve got give children and three grandchildren – if I’d know that Jimmy Savile was abusing chidlren, I think I wound’ve personallly lynched him.”

But better than the  non-sequitur about being a dad and a grandpa and so against child abuse (see Fred West) is to come:

“A lot of things were going on that we didn’t know about. Nobody knew that Gary Glitter was bald!”

That’s Gary Glitter’s big secret out then.

Here’s Alvin looking out for all the kids:

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