Anorak News | Johann Lumley says human beings are a plague

Johann Lumley says human beings are a plague

by | 14th, December 2012

JOANNA Lumley, once fabulous, is now referring to humanity as the royal “we“:

“If three billion’s going to become nine billion, that’s wrong. So we’ve become a plague.”

Life is wrong? Human beings are morally bankrupt? Humanity is enacting a Holocaust on Nature? It’s ecocide!

“Which is a pity because when we’re a plague not only do we devour everything around us but we start killing each other indiscriminately.”

Do we?

“And of course the things that wouldn’t die would be the insects or the bedbugs. They’d somehow manage. We’d spoil and wreck and kill everything. But that’s what men do, actually. For all their good stuff, all they largely do a lot of the time is go round breaking and hurting things. Because that’s what men do. Mankind does, rather. Amongst that is great kindness and sweetness and so on but the tramp of mankind’s foot is pretty alarming, I think.”

A footprint is a bad thing? Leaving your mark is wrong? For the Earth to survive humans must be taken out?! Lumley’s anti-human comments are appalling. She’s a misanthrope, who believes in the negative view of human nature. We are all the abusers. We do not have the ability and rive to make life better – look at all those people eating well. We are just waiting to be wiped out.

Before we kill every other one of us let’s kill the dogs, too. Lumley has not been steralised.

Lumley may to star in a stage version of the life of  James Lovelock, who said “before this century is over billions of us will die and the few breeding pairs of people that survive will be kept in the Arctic where the climate remains tolerable”.

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