Anorak News | Computer games made Adam Lanza do it – not guns, then

Computer games made Adam Lanza do it – not guns, then

by | 16th, December 2012

WHY did “polite” Adam Lanza do it? Edmund H. Mahony and Dave Altimari write:

In just minutes, Lanza — a withdrawn, emotionally detached 20-year-old who lived with his mother and is said to have played graphically violent computer video games — would kill 26 people in the country’s second-largest mass killing.

Twenty-year-old is “said ” to have played shoot ’em up video games. He most likely also had listened to rap music, masturbated to porn, played table-tennis, watched TV news and tried smoking. Well, so they say.

Police have seized Lanza’s computer. He smashed it up.

One of the sources said that Lanza used the computer to play a violent video game in which life-like characters engage in graphic battle scenes.

As millions of others do.

Here come the stereotypes!

When Ryan Lanza, the killers’ older brother, was being wrongly accused of mass murder, the righteous were quick to note that he too had played video games. Ryan Lana had played a game called Mass Effect. He had ‘liked’ the game on Facebook. A chap named Jack Thompson sent an email to with the following statement:

Re: Shooting – Email to Joystiq (and prob. the industry) from Jack Thompson: “Blood is on YOUR hands.” 

So. Not guns, then…


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