Anorak News | Kate Middleton Pregnancy Watch: Lord Kevin Bacon and Diana’s hair

Kate Middleton Pregnancy Watch: Lord Kevin Bacon and Diana’s hair

by | 16th, December 2012

KATE Middleton Pregnancy Watch: Day 15 of The Duchess of Cambridge’s pregnancy in the news:

Tonight Kate presented the BBC Spots Personality of the Year award to Bradley Wiggins. David Beckham failed to win with his impression of John Inman.

The Kid

Courier Mail: “Royal couple William and Kate ‘to be strict parents'”

The late Princess Diana’s hairdresser and confidant Richard Dalton believes the royal couple will be keeping things low-key when the baby arrives.

“William was brought up to work hard and respect others, so I don’t envisage him or Kate allowing their child to be spoilt – far from it!” he assured British magazine new!

“I should think they’ll both be quite strict.”

So says the hairdresser. Such a teaser.

Lord Kevin Bacon


KATE Middleton may be proud of her descendants being coal miners and road sweepers, but her ancestry contains blue blood as well, it has been revealed. Research carried out by Australian history teacher Michael Reed uncovered a link between the Duchess of Cambridge and former prime minister William Petty FitzMaurice, the Marquess of Lansdowne.

Seven degrees of separation.

Kate and me

Irish Examiner: “I know what Kate is going through”

Niamh O’Connell knows only too well what the Duchess of Cambridge is going through right now because when she became pregnant with her daughter Kayla (now 16 months), she spent the following nine months struggling to eat or drink anything without vomiting and even ended up in casualty with a ruptured stomach.

David Icke was right. It’s a lizard baby. Aliens Windsor is born. (Aliana if it’s a girl.)

Jaciantha Saldanha

The body of the nurse found dead after being duped by a prank call to the hospital treating the Duchess of Cambridge has been flown to India for her funeral on Monday in the town of Shirva, Karnataka.

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