Anorak News | Parents outraged by chocolate salty Big Baws cereal

Parents outraged by chocolate salty Big Baws cereal

by | 18th, December 2012

GET a load of those loveable characters on the back of the Weetos cereal box. One is called Big Baws. Some parents who bought the chocolate flavoured Weetos for their kidzzz are outraged. Other parnts are outraged that some parents feed salty chocolate balls to their kidzzzzz for breakfast.

A parent tells the Daily Record:

“My six-year-old started chirping on about Big Baws the other morning. I nearly fell off my seat.”

Is that because your baws are so large you operate like human shock Weeble, constantly rocking to and fro until you come to rest on your twilley?

“When I found out it was this character on the breakfast cereal box, I was very surprised. It’s not appropriate for something which is so clearly aimed at children.”

The Weetabix Food Company’s spokesman opines:

“We now understand that this phrase might also be interpreted in a different way in Scotland and are working on amending the pack. We are sorry if this has unintentionally caused offence in any way.”

Big Baws will from now on ber known as Baked Potatoes.

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