Anorak News | Tiny horses would rather catch the tube than walk

Tiny horses would rather catch the tube than walk

by | 18th, December 2012

HUMANS are brilliant because they’ve worked out ways of not doing things in increasingly elaborate manners. Want to get somewhere? Make a machine take you. Stupid animals do all that walking while we are flung around in metal contraptions, feet up, listening to music and reading books.

We even poo inside.

However, it seems our beastly cousins are catching on and in Germany, commuters found themselves sharing a subway carriage with a tiny, tiny horse.

The pony was filmed riding the rails of the Berlin S-Bahn. Jarkko Riihimaki, one of the passengers, has been quoted as saying: “This was supposed to be a normal trip home with the S-Bahn. After one stop, a girl – pretty conventional looking – comes in with a pony. Yes, with a pony! I don’t know what to say about the whole thing.”

You say nothing. If Berlin is anything like London, talking on the tube is strictly verboten.

S-Bahn spokesman Burkhard Ahlert is less than impressed with all this, saying: “One may smile but according to our transport regulations, this is clearly not allowed. This clearly violates our conditions of carriage. A horse can be dangerous. What if it escapes? The S-Bahn is no place for such animals.”

“We have informed the police already.”

Reading between the lines, it clear what the problem is: The horse didn’t buy a ticket.

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