Anorak News | Sick: Sun newspaper uses conniving Helen Flanagan to talk about the Sandy Hook massacre

Sick: Sun newspaper uses conniving Helen Flanagan to talk about the Sandy Hook massacre

by | 19th, December 2012

THE Sandy Hook Massacre: only two British newspapers continue to lead with the horror in Connecticut:

The Mirror has “THE LOST CLASS”, the faces of murdered children. They weren’t “LOST”. They were murdered. If the Mirror is going to go for the emotive it could at least not couch the horror in the language of mystery.

The Sun, however, takes the biscuit with a picture of busty former soap opera actress Helen Flanagan posing in her lingerie whilst pointing a fake gun at her head. The Sun is aghast and agog:

“As 26 lie dead after US school horror, Corrie’s Helen Flanagan poses with a gun to her head.”

She is:


Nice. The Sun is wrong, of course. She is clever with a brilliant agent. The picture was taken in October 2012. Flanagan only tweeted in yesterday. Then someone at the Sun saw it, or was shown it. And with no other news to report (Plebgate, anyone?) it went with Flanagan.

Still, it might have been sick before Sandy Hook.

Back in OctoberLt Edward Drummond-Baxter was murdered by a man wearing an Afghan police uniform. So was L/Cpl Diddhanta Kunwar. In Spetember, police officers Fiona Bone, 32, and Nicola Hughes, 23, were shot dead in Hattersley, Tameside. They worked for Greater Manchester police. Coronation Street is filmed in Manchester. Flanagan might have been a sick idiot back then. But if the agent and the conniving bastards at the Sun can hook her into a horror thousands of miles away that would have affected fewer Britons  directly that the deaths of servicemen and coppers, sweet Helen can be brainless rather than devious and desperate.

Spot the sickness.

NOTE: This is the same Helen who said after her vapid exploits in the I’m A Celebrity Jungle that she had wanted to kill herself.

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