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Where do Julian Assange and the WikiLeaks millions go?

by | 20th, December 2012

JULIAN Assange is still housed in the Ecuador embassy, London. The BBC reports:

In November, Mr Assange told journalists that a move by credit card companies to block the processing of donations to Wikileaks had cost the organisation more than £30m and had resulted in a 40% pay cut for staff.

Blimey! They rake it in. Card payments were blocked in early 2011.

Does it matter what WikiLeaks staff earn? Well, it wants us to learn about other companies’ wage structures. It leaked a cable:

In its recent revelation, whistleblower Wikileaks have said that the entry of foreign studios and availability of multiple financing options have built up unrealistic expectations as far as actors’ salaries are concerned. The February 2010 US secret cables with the subject ‘can the Indian film industry go global?’ gives a detailed account of the changing dynamics of world’s largest film industry.

In 2010, we were told:

WikiLeaks given $1.3m in 2010, and Julian Assange pays himself two thirds of the salary budget

Where does all the donated money go?

In order to professionalize its activities, WikiLeaks will now pay key personnel based on a salary structure developed by the environmental activist organization Greenpeace. Under the structure, Greenpeace department heads are paid about €5,500 euros in monthly salary, Mr. Fulda said.

Should we see the books?

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