Anorak News | Sandy Hook Massacre: Adam Lanza’s hairdresser wishes he’d have killed the boy

Sandy Hook Massacre: Adam Lanza’s hairdresser wishes he’d have killed the boy

by | 20th, December 2012

WANT to talk about Adam Lanza’s haircut? Bob Skuba, “the embodiment of East Coast bravado”, is talking to CBS.

He’s got a new distinction now: He was Adam Lanza’s barber.

Scott Wise reports on the man who gave Adam Lanza haircuts when the killer was 12:

You’re sitting in the chair where he used to sit and get a haircut, he tells a visitor on Tuesday.

So much for the marketing:

Lanza would sit with his head straight down, his eyes adrift, never making eye contact. Skuba would run clippers through his hair like a buzz saw.

Skuba adds:

The boy would listen to his mother. Always, always, always. Never would he disobey her.

Adam Lanza murdered his mother, Nancy Lanza. You may ask how well the barber knew them? The barber theorises:

He had to be possessed by the devil.

Skuba hadn’t cut Lanza’s hair for three years. But he wants to talk:

“It’s just weird that I actually touched him. That’s the worst part about it — that he was in one of our chairs. I’d try to joke with him. He wouldn’t even look at me…I wish I would’ve killed him then… I should’ve slipped and stabbed him by accident. It would’ve been a lot better for those people.”

Says Wise:

Lanza never looked like he was dangerous.

The picture above is of Hairstylist Diane Harty, who claims she used to cut the hair of Adam Lanza, the gunman who walked into Sandy Hook Elementary School, Dec. 14, and opened fire, killing 26 people, including 20 children, before killing himself.

Such are the facts.

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