Anorak News | Kate Middleton Pregnancy Watch: Diana, Bond and lavender biscuits on ice

Kate Middleton Pregnancy Watch: Diana, Bond and lavender biscuits on ice

by | 30th, December 2012

KATE Middleton Pregnancy Watch – Day 29 of the Duchess of Cambridge’s womb news: Diana, Bond and lavender biscuits on ice:

Cashing In

TV3 (Ireland): “Duchess Catherine craving lavender shortbread”

Her child will be fragranced.

The 30-year-old royal – who has been suffering from acute morning sickness throughout her pregnancy, which was announced earlier this month – has been inundated with boxes of the calorific treats, which are a traditional anti-sickness cure.

So. No craving it all, then:

A source told The Sun on Sunday newspaper: “A lot of women develop cravings during pregnancy and Kate is no exception. She has got a real taste for these biscuits. Lavender is said to have healing properties, so it is not such a wacky food to nibble on when you’re pregnant.”

And then the clincher:

The royal family have been sending Catherine… boxes of the sugary snacks, which are sold by her father-in-law Prince Charles’ Duchy Originals organic food brand and London-based department store Fortnum & Mason.

Can Charles be using the pregnancy to cash in?

Earlier this month, the Duchess of Cambridge – who spent four days at the King Edward VII Hospital in London, where she was being treated for acute morning sickness – was said to be craving papaya fruit.

As sold by Prince Edward on his Carmen Miranda Moments stall.

EntertianmentWise: “Kate Middleton’s Family Accused Of ‘Cashing In’ On Pregnancy As They Launch Royal Baby Merchandise”

Kate Middleton’s parent’s business has launched a range of baby merchandise with a ‘Little Prince and Princess’ theme, with some commentators accusing the Duchess of Cambridge’s parents of ‘cashing in’ on their daughter’s pregnancy.

Party Pieces, the website run by Carole and Michael Middleton have launched a new range of first birthday party products with a ‘Little Prince’ or ‘Princess’ theme. The party plates, invites and napkins take pride of place on the website alongside further newly launched products for baby showers.

Daily Mail:

In October the website for the Party Pieces company, set up by the Duchess of Cambridge’s mother Carole Middleton in 1987, featured an advert dedicated to the James Bond Skyfall film, which appeared to raise eyebrows with the Broccoli family who produce the films and own all product, image and merchandising rights.

How di they notice?

The offending banner disappeared hours after the Mail contacted Party Pieces and Eon Productions, the Broccoli’s UK-based firm.

Party Pooper

Daily Express (front page): “William’s Christmas Bust Up – Selfish Prince band Bond at annual film night, ruing the party for the Royals and 100 Palace staff”

More copyright issues?

PRINCE WILLIAM was last night accused of selfishly ruining a festive film night for royal staff when he refused to let them watch Bond movie Skyfall because he had already seen it.

Around 100 servants, estate staff and police had been looking forward to sitting down with the Queen and the rest of the Royal Family at Sandringham for the special showing of the 007 blockbuster on Thursday night.

William, who arrived with pregnant wife Kate on Boxing Day after spending Christmas Day with her family the Middletons, said he would prefer to watch Vampire fantasy Twilight. The 30-year-old second-in-line to the throne got his way but then failed to turn up for the screening and joined his family for a barbecue in a log cabin on the estate instead.

“To say we were annoyed is an understatement,” said one estate worker…“Twilight is almost a kids’ film and every­one was really hacked off. In the end hardly anyone went to see it and instead of an audience of about 100 only about seven or eight turned up. Everyone else went to the pub. To make matters worse, William and Kate didn’t go either and all the Royals went off for supper in the log cabin.”


Another royal insider added: “William has a bit of a selfish streak and it’s fair to say he is not as popular as his brother with the staff. He is a bit of a control freak and very much likes to get his way.”

Might this unnamed source work for the media?

He [Wills] issued a missive to media outlets not to photograph the Middleton family at St Marks Church, Englefield, near Bucklebury, Berkshire, despite it being on public property. Clarence House declined to comment.

Predictions: “2013 predictions for Duchess Kate, Marissa Mayer and the rest of us”

In the face of morning sickness, fatigue and cankles, Duchess Kate will not remain calm, but she will carry on.

She will not have an abortion. You herd it here first.

And then there’s TV…

Daily Mirror: “Phillip Schofield picks ‘light on her feet’ Kate Middleton as his perfect partner for Dancing on Ice”

Presenter reckons the currently-pregnant Duchess of Cambridge would be a hit on the ice due to her slender figure

A figure she puts down to a diet of shortbread biscuits.
The Face

DNAIndia: “Kate Middleton voted Britain’s top beauty icon for 2nd consecutive year”


Hard cheese, Simon Cowell.

Nation (Pakistan): “Kate Middleton’s nose leads plastic surgery list”
The royal has become a favourite among patients, and according to figures released by the Transform Cosmetic Surgery Group, requests to emulate the duchess’s nose have tripled in the last year alone.

This site declares:
“Kate Middleton’s Nose Wins Acclaim and Envy”’s_Nose_Wins_Acclaim_and_Envy/BD0D6FDC513611E2B03FFEFDADE6840A/

Mum Knows

Now Magazine: “Kate Middleton so lonely without mum Carole – The Duchess spends hours on the phone”

‘Kate spends hours each week calling her mum,’ says our source. ‘She gets lonely without her, so it’s nice for Carole to know Kate’s got Camilla.’

In fact, we can reveal the two are so close, Camilla, 65, knew about Kate’s pregnancy before the Queen.

That sound you hear is the crack of the Queen’s spies being shot.

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