Anorak News | Jewel robbers break into KFC by accident

Jewel robbers break into KFC by accident

by | 4th, January 2013

BEING a jewel thief must be an exciting gig. Turtle neck sweaters, Milk Tray on the go and creeping around with all the suave sophistication of a cat with a tail made out of pearls. That, of course, is fiction and real jewel thieves are as thick and stupid as common-or-garden burglars.

And this is proven by two bungling oafs who thought they were going to indulge in some supreme swag taking, but instead, ended up in a KFC.

Peter Welsh and Dwayne Doolan were allegedly trying to clobber their way through the wall of a Wrights Jewellers with an iron bar (classy) via a communal toilet (even classier) but ended up amongst the chicken fat and bones.

Still, while they were there, they may as well do some robbing, eh?

The pair are said to have then held up the KFC in Beaudesert, Australia, making off with AUS $2,600, which is not nearly as glamorous as a giant diamond or a sultan’s scarab shaped ruby. They also¬†reportedly swiped a charity box from the counter containing ¬£32.

“One female staffer opened the safe and they grabbed lots of cash,” said police prosecutor Sergeant Damian Summerfield.

After a police raid on Welsh’s home, both men were arrested with Welsh charged with armed robbery, stealing, burglary and attempted burglary. Doolan has been charged with robbery and stealing.

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