Anorak News | Ghost steals woman’s CV and clothes

Ghost steals woman’s CV and clothes

by | 27th, February 2013

LIFE is hard enough just dealing with humans, their offspring and their pets. Imagine then, if things from other realms started mucking about with us!

That’s what one lady has told Georgia’s police force after her CV and some clothes got stolen by a ghost. No, you are most certainly not going mental. A woman called Debbie Michelle Zamacona, has told police that her CV, criminal history and a black and blue blouse all went missing, thanks to a creepy spectre.

As police reported that there were no signs of forced entry, Zamacona recalled that the spirit of her mother likes to visit her, although she believes a roaming “black spirit” is instead responsible.

See? Ghost Mum wouldn’t do anything. She’s as friendly as Casper. Black spirits meanwhile! They’re as evil as… well… they’re not very nasty if all they do is nick-off with your job details and some rubbish clobber.

Still, laugh all you want. Zamacona reckons her resumé is worth $5,000, her criminal history $10 and her blouse at $5. $5015 is not to be sniffed at.

Her claims that a ghost stole them however…

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