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The Daily Mail is funnier than The Big Fat Quiz of the Year

by | 4th, January 2013

THE Daily Mail did not enjoy Channel 4’s Big Fat Quiz of the Year. Anyone who watches a Channel 4 panel-based comedy show pretty much deserves what they get, but the Mail was aghast:

“A primetime Channel 4 quiz in which drunken comedians made obscene jokes about the Queen has outraged viewers. The Big Fat Quiz Of 2012, which featured countless vile sexual jokes, was broadcast on Sunday only seconds after the 9pm watershed….Last night TV watchdog Ofcom confirmed it had already received complaints.”

How many?

The Mail made “no apology for voicing concerns shared by an overwhelming but seldom-heard majority”.

How many?

Ofcom had received five complaints by last night, but that number could quickly grow – in Sachsgate, an initial two complaints rose to nearly 45,000.

The Mail repeated the jokes in the paper and then broadcast clips of the show in question on its website, the horro hidden behind the words: “contains graphic content some viewers might find offensive.”

The outrage count went up – to 160 members of the public.

Curse that silent majority.

Or as Daily Mail editor Paul Dacre told the Leveson Inquiry of the 22,000 complaints sent to the PCC about Jan Moir’s comments on the death of the “unnatural” gay Stephen Gately:

You keep using the phrase “a lot of people” complained about this. You realise that these are all online complaints and this is an example of how tweetering can create a firestorm within hours…Most of those people conceded they hadn’t read the piece.

World ends.

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