Anorak News | Tory Chris Steward should donate his body to a food bank

Tory Chris Steward should donate his body to a food bank

by | 5th, January 2013

TO York, where Chris Steward, a Conservative councillor, has views:

“We have lots of poor people, but living standards have surged over the years. There is certainly no need for food banks; no-one in the UK is starving and I think food banks insult the one billion in the world that go to bed hungry every day and ignore the fact a child dies of hunger every three seconds.”

He goes on:

“The fact some give food to food banks, merely enables people who can’t budget (an issue where schools should do much more and I have said the council should) or don’t want to, to have more money to spend on alcohol, cigarettes etc.”

Do they make them in a factory, these twattish Tory politicians? Is Steward a composite blend of sausage meat, Bendicks bitter mint and bile wrapped in a novelty condom with eyes? The pictures above is of Mr Steward, who works as a stockbroker.

We should despise Mr Steward, of course. But with obesity rates soaring, Anorak has always wanted to vote for a fat chap. Steward only needs to whip his top off to garner the support of millions. He should then secure the popuular vote by opening up his jumbo bag of crisps and other elevenses he keeps in his Food Bank (see desk drawers)…

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