Anorak News | Falklands Fake? Who were the Sun’s ‘furious Argies’ seen burning Union flags in Buenos Aires?

Falklands Fake? Who were the Sun’s ‘furious Argies’ seen burning Union flags in Buenos Aires?

by | 5th, January 2013

“ANGRY Argies burn a British flag in Buenos Aires yesterday after The Sun warned: ‘Hands off the Falklands’,” reports the Sun beneath the front-page headline: “Burn us Aires.

A seething mob took to the streets to set fire to the Union Jacks — and copies of our full-page advert in a local paper.

The noble Sun had taken the out an advert in the English language Buenos Aires Herald. The stunt was in response to Argentine president Cristina Kirchner’s advert in the Guardian and Independent newspapers accusing Britain of “stripping” the Falklands from her country in an aggressive act of colonialism 180 years ago.

The Falklands Conflict in photos.

Said the Sun:

“Until the people of the Falkland Islands choose to become Argentinian, they remain resolutely British.”

Cue a very small protest in a Buenos Aires street. The Sun, however, sees a “seething mob”:

One shaven-headed man in a camouflage jacket set fire to a copy of The Sun’s advert. A surly trucker snarled at our reporter: “I won’t speak to you because you’re British.”

That shaven-headed man looks, well, very British. Good of him to position the Sun’s masthead atop the fire. Good of the Sun’s man on the spot of see it all. Odd that the man was not named.

Cristina Kirchner’s advert

The Sun’s advert

The burning masthead

The burning with rage local

The same man in the  same clothes was burning things outside the British embassy in Buenos Aires to mark the 30th anniversary of the Falklands war in April 2012.

ID-ed. He’s Argentina veteran of the Falklands War, Marcelo Wytrykusz.

The video

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