Anorak News | Kate Middleton Pregnancy Watch: Prince Charles warns against population growth

Kate Middleton Pregnancy Watch: Prince Charles warns against population growth

by | 8th, January 2013

KATE Middleton Pregnancy Watch Day: Prince Charles warns against population growth:


Vogue: “Katepedia: A Study In Royal Style”

Jo Ellison:

To celebrate the style evolution of a modern royal icon, this month Vogue, with writer Lisa Armstrong, set itself the task of analysing her every outfit, shoe and accessory to divine the vital statistics of Kate’s style…

“Both she and William share a genius from coming across as down-to-earth – with just enough glamour for them not to look like the Dutch royals,” writes Armstrong. “It’s the same knack that enables Kate to wear a high-fashion dress from Jonathan Saunders or McQueen, with her beloved courts and make millions of other women feel they could wear it too.”

But they don’t wear it, too. Read more on the over-hyped Kate Effect here.

For all this – and her role in the stratospheric increase in sales of sheer tights – see our February issue, on sale nationwide from Wednesday January 9.

Kate’s like one of World War 2 GIs with her fancy stockings.

One writer peeks:

It said that as long as she sufficiently recovered from the severe morning sickness that resulted in her hospitalisation last month, she could be expected to wear raised waists that “accommodate, rather than flaunt” her growing bump and that her look would need to be tweaked rather than overhauled.

And what about training her head for a crown?

“She’s brillaiunt at millinery – good Malrborough College training – especially the tilty kind that perches to the right of the royal ‘do at a 50-degree angle…”

The Vogue writer asks a teenager why she loves Kate:

“Because he’s  not flashing her crotch.”

Yeah. Teens hate that. Especially the boys.

The Royal Drum

The Telegraph: “The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to be given a rural home fit for a Royal family”

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expected to be given a charming country house by the Queen on her Sandringham estate in Norfolk.

Charming. What image does that evoke? Small. Cottage-like. Cosy.

With their first child on the way, and a London residence being prepared for their arrival, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge lack only one thing: a country house. Now, the Queen is understood to be making plans to hand over to the couple one of the most charming properties in her portfolio: Anmer Hall, in Norfolk, where Prince William spent many happy days during his childhood. “The house has been earmarked for William and Kate,” said a source on the Sandringham estate.

How big is it?

It is a late-Georgian house, of brick and tile to the front elevations, and of Carstone and tile to the rear and north. The long front comprises eleven bays, with a three-bay central pediment, and the house has two storeys and dormers, with a bell tower slightly off centre

What’s Cooking, Kate?

Telegraph: “The Duchess of Cambridge plans Valentine’s Day dinner for the Prince of Wales”

But don’t tell him… Shhh!

The Duchess of Cambridge is helping Lorraine Pascale, the television chef, to design a menu for a Valentine’s Day dinner for Prince Charles.

Having suffered severe morning sickness, food may be the last thing on the Duchess of Cambridge’s mind, but she is busy planning a Valentine’s Day meal for the Prince of Wales.

How can food be the last thing on her mind if she’s planning a dinner for February 14? Is she gong to serve Wills a pair of knickers on a plate?

Lorraine Pascale, who is working on the menu for the Prince’s Trust Ball with the former Kate Middleton, tells Mandrake: “Prince Charles is coming and I’ve been designing petit fours and the main dish. I will be doing a tasting with Kate, which is very exciting. I’m sure with her help we’ll be developing some beautiful dishes.”

So. Nothing to do with Valentine’s Day, then. The ball is in aide of the Prince’s Trust. It is left to Hello! to talk sense, sort of:

It is not clear whether Kate will actually attend the Prince’s Trust Ball or if she is just helping in the process, but there’s no doubt that, as a former Middleton, her party planning touch will help to work wonders on the final creation.

Charles Speaks

Daily Mail: “My fears on rushed new laws over Kate’s baby, by Charles: Shake-up to let a daughter succeed to the throne ‘has not been thought through’, says Prince”

Says the adulterer

The Prince of Wales backs the principle of changing the law to ensure the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s first child becomes Queen if it is a girl, a move which has been discussed for several years, as long as it commands popular support. But according to a well-placed source, he believes the potential consequences for the delicate relationship between the state and the Church of England, as well as for the rules governing other hereditary titles, have not been thought through.

Church and State. Divorce and extra-marital sex. Lying on oath in Church. Much to discuss.

The Planet and Me

Inquisitr: “Prince William And Kate’s Unborn Child Prompts Environmental Outburst From Prince Charles:

“I’ve gone on for years about the importance of thinking about the long-term in relation to the environmental damage, climate change and everything else. We don’t, in a sensible world, want to hand on an increasingly dysfunctional world to our grandchildren, to leave them with the real problem. I don’t want to be confronted by my future grandchild and (have) them say: ‘Why didn’t you do something?’ So clearly now that we will have a grandchild, it makes it even more obvious to try and make sure we leave them something that isn’t a total poisoned chalice.”

In a sensible world. would we listen to a Prince who lives in multiple massive homes and jets about the globe talking about greener energy and waste?

In a speech at the Oxford Farming Conference, the Prince of Wales says:

Prince Charles said there will be no food security if the world ‘goes on prevaricating and postponing’ the global action needed to tackle unsustainable population growth, climate change and ‘ violent and unusual extremes of weather’.

So. No heir and a spare, then. Stop at one, Kate.


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