Anorak News | Fancy eating a baby’s head for £35?

Fancy eating a baby’s head for £35?

by | 26th, February 2013


HOW much do you like babies? Could you eat a whole one? Well, if you fancy, you can buy an edible white chocolate baby head, which is terrifyingly realistic, created by Annabel de Vetten, who has been inundated with orders since the one kilogram, 5,000 calorie packing infant heads went viral online.

“The global phenomena which are the Conjurer’s Kitchen hand-painted solid white chocolate zombie baby heads are both amazing and disturbing,” said the description on Etsy.

“Delicious to eat, or can be kept and displayed as a sculptural piece.”

Of course, this would be the ideal gift for anyone you suspect of being a potential murderer or, indeed, just a general grump in your family who really, really hates children. What could be better than idly watching the darts and chewing on a delicious baby’s face?

de Vetten said:

“The look is quite controversial but if everybody liked them they wouldn’t be as fun to make… I don’t actually like chocolate that much, and there had to be a lot of experimenting.”

Each head costs £35, which is a bargain really.

The people of Lancashire will be confused as hell by all this, as each chip shop already sells a ‘babbies yed‘, which is the slang of a suet steak pudding. However, now you can have a baby’s bonce for main AND dessert.


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