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Brilliant man gets solid-gold shirt

by | 9th, January 2013

THROWING your money around, no matter how large or small the amount is, is one of the greatest pleasures a human can have. Wasting money on crisps instead of supposedly useful items like mops, or buying shoes instead of paying the water bill is the things that dreams are made of.

One guy in India has trumped us all by hiring 15 goldsmiths to make him a solid gold shirt. A SOLID GOLD SHIRT!

Datta Phuge from Pune, India, spent around £15,500 to have the shirt made. The goldsmiths spent a fortnight working on the 22-carat article, which weighs over 7 pounds and includes six crystal buttons and a gold belt. Matching cuffs and a set of rings were also made from the leftover gold.

Datta Phuge is the most amazing man on the planet, clearly.

According to the LA Times, Phuge said: “People buy cars and go on holidays abroad. For me, gold is the ultimate passion. That is the reason I have spent a whopping amount of money on the shirt.”

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