Anorak News | Oprah Winfrey hails the Lance Armstrong Foundation for Scientific Excellence

Oprah Winfrey hails the Lance Armstrong Foundation for Scientific Excellence

by | 12th, January 2013

LANCE Armstrong will appear on Oprah Winfrey’s TV show. The infamous cheat will go on Oprah’s Next Chapter for 90 minutes. This will be the first interview with Armstrong since he was stripped of his Seven Tour de France titles. What questions will she ask? Will she be tough? Will it be a confessional? Sources say Armstrong plans to admit to doping throughout his career.

But this is Oprah. Will the positives be extenuated? Armstrong is one in a million. He is the most famous cyclist in the world. His drugs are an internationally famous brand name. Cycling has reinvented itself as a cool sport for edgy youth challenging authority. Winfrey will emphasise how Armstrong has activated his success mechanism. He was let down by his suppliers and chemists who were unable to come up with a drug to really push the envelope. Did he get the world records? No. It’s a failure of the education system that the science Armstrong depended on and trusted was so lacking.

Says Oprah:

“So Lance, tell us about the Lance Armstrong Foundation for Scientific Excellence, and why it’s a cause so close to your heart…”

Winfrey has the scoop. Other interviewers must be envious. What would they ask?

Jeremy Paxman: “You’re a cheat, aren’t you. Aren’t you? You are aren’t you?!” Continues until show ends.
Piers Morgan: “Lance Armstrong. You’re a brilliant legend. You’re on my must-see CNN show. I want to get to your heart. What makes you tick. And on my must-see TV show you can open up to someone who knows success and pressure excellent brings.”
OK: “So, Kerry Katona. What words do you have for Lance, who like you has been embrooled in a drugs nightmare?”
Kay Burley: “Lance. Lance Armstrong. You’re wearing Gucci Couture, I think?”
John Snow: “To what extent do you believe Tory cuts are to blame for your failure to get away with it in the Bush years?”


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