Anorak News | April Jones: Mark Bridger is ‘stony-faced’ and ‘close to tears’

April Jones: Mark Bridger is ‘stony-faced’ and ‘close to tears’

by | 15th, January 2013

APRIL Jones is on the cover of the Mirror and the Sun. Both red-tops lead with a picture of the man accused of killing the child. Both front-page headlines focus on Mark Bridger and a phrase:

The Sun: “I Probably Killed April”
The Mirror: “He Probably Killed April”

The Sun’s headline looks like a confession. But Bridger has plead not guilty to abduction and murder.

The suspect’s QC Brendan Kelly revealed for the first time that part of Bridger’s defence was “conceding he probably killed” her. Mr Kelly told North Wales’ Mold Crown Court: “The defence as advanced by Mark Bridger involves him conceding he probably killed the child.”


Judge Mr Justice Griffith-Williams said: “The defendant’s case is that he is probably responsible for the death of April.”

The Mirror produces a fuller quote from Kelly:

“This offence has caused a noticeable degree of ill-feeling towards this defendant. The defence advanced by Mr Bridger is that he concedes he probably killed the child. It is an unusually grave offence. We are mindful of the family’s position and of causing as little distress as possible.”

April Jones has not been found.

The Mirror focuses on April’s parents, Coral and Paul.

They sat together quietly in the public gallery just five yards away from Bridger in the dock, who remained stony-faced throughout and did not glance once at the parents whose lives were shattered more than three months ago.

Or as the Sun puts it:

Goatee-bearded Bridger — looking close to tears in a blue jumper and jeans…

Such are the facts.

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