Anorak News | Egalitarian NRA reaches out to pless well-off members who want to live like Obama

Egalitarian NRA reaches out to pless well-off members who want to live like Obama

by | 16th, January 2013

GUN control in the US is hot topic. The NRA look like loons. But this ad makes a good point. It’s much like what we spotted with Rupert Murdoch’s anti-gun stance:

So. Do you support the National Rifle Association?

A poll in the Washington Post shows us:

The HuffPo is unimpressed by the stats:

NRA Membership Spike May Be Driven By Huge Discounts

The National Rifle Association is currently experiencing what officials say is an “unprecedented” jump in membership. More than 250,000 people have signed up in the last month, and the group is crediting the surge to Congress’ contemplation of new legislation that would restrict some forms of firearms.

“This is in direct response to the threats and accusations coming from Sen. (Dianne) Feinstein and President Obama,” NRA spokesman Andrew Arulanandam told CNN on Tuesday. “If anyone is wondering if the American people cared about the Second Amendment … those numbers give a very clear answer.”

But more people in the US are buying guns:

Record gun sales were recorded in December 2012 with over 2.7 million background checks being conducted through the FBI’s National Instant Check System (NICS), the agency said today. For 2012, more background checks were conducted than any year since 1998.

But the HuffPo is still unimpressed:

Since December, the group has been running a major discount membership campaign. The Huffington Post called up the hotline and was offered some impressive deals.

A lifetime membership, which usually goes for $1,000, now costs $300. The group throws in a monthly magazine (the reading variety, not ammunition), a decal for your car, as well as promises of membership discounts on hotels and car rentals. The person who answered the phone thought that a free knife may have come with the offer but, upon checking, she discovered it did not.

A 70 percent discount is a tough deal to pass up. But the hotline was also offering discounts on a yearlong membership. The usual price was $35. It had been knocked down to $20.

Or to put it another way: Egalitarian NRA reaches out to less well-off members who want to live like a President…

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