Anorak News | Irish grandpa steals from dead HMV when it refuses his gift voucher

Irish grandpa steals from dead HMV when it refuses his gift voucher

by | 18th, January 2013

TALK about kicking someone while they’re down! An old man shoplifted from HMV because the €40 gift voucher he had bought was not accepted by the shop on Dublin’s Henry Street. As HMV are in administration and all the staff are fearful of their jobs, and weighing up various sit-in protests over unpaid wages, things are remarkably bleak over there.

However, Eric Nolan from Tyrrelstown, Dublin, couldn’t give a monkeys and after buying his grandson the voucher for Christmas, he found that they were no longer worth anything and can no longer be exchanged for goods.

And so, after getting refused, he buggered off with Euro Truck Simulator 2, The Sims 3 Town Life and Rail Simulator… three of the most tedious games in the universe.

Nolan was unrepentant, saying:

“Somebody has made a conscious decision not to pay out on vouchers and it’s despicable. We are a nation of sheep – but I was determined to win this. HMV have taken hundreds of thousands of euros from the Irish people this Christmas and we shouldn’t put up with it.”

The silly old sod should’ve gone to Blockbuster, hired out all the games and DVDs and just waited for them to disappear! FREE STUFF!

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