Anorak News | Man rants as Subway ‘footlong’ is an inch short

Man rants as Subway ‘footlong’ is an inch short

by | 18th, January 2013

WE’VE all been needlessly pernickerty about things in our time, but one Subway customer really has gone the extra mile.

This chap, called Matt Corby, found himself apoplectic with rage when he visited a Subway for a bite to eat.

[insert ‘it’s his own stupid fault for going to a Subway comment’ here]

The source of his ire was that he strongly suspected that his sandwich was not a foot long, as advertised. So, instead of getting on with his life and scarfing down the slightly moist article, he got his tape measure out.

He used his tape measure to prove that his Footlong Subway sandwich was in fact an inch short and proceeded to complain in a post on Subway’s Facebook page! That’s right. He decided to forgo a meal in the name of measuring a buttie, taking a photo of it and uploading it to a social network.

Despite the fact he’d let his sandwich go cold and shrink with staleness, his FB post has received over 100,000 ‘Likes’ from other equally ranty customers… you know? The kind of customers who never politely complain in the establishments themselves, but rather, do it online like they’re some kind of righteous champion?

A Subway spokesperson told the HuffPo:

“We always strive for our customers to have the most positive experience possible, and we believe this was an isolated case in which the bread preparation procedures were unfortunately not followed.”

Translation: “Really? Someone went to all that effort for an inch of bread?

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