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Let’s tax fuel to reduce fuel poverty!

by | 21st, January 2013

THERE really are loons out there. Here’s a case in point. The argument is that energy is getting more expensive. This puts some people into “fuel poverty” where they are spending more than 10% of their incomes on fuel. Hmm.

So, what might we do to address this situation? Hey, why don’t we put a tax on fuel to make it more expensive! That’ll work, right?

No, really, they are suggesting this:

In an open letter to the Prime Minister, the Energy Bill Revolution campaign says that 6million people are already classed as being in fuel poverty because they spend more than 10 per cent of their income on heating their homes.

As bills increase faster than wages, the number could hit 9million by 2016, the group warns.

It suggests using money raised from a ‘carbon tax’ to fit all houses with insulation which stops heat being lost through walls and roofs.

They really are suggesting that we should reduce the number of people in fuel poverty by increasing the price of fuel.

Part of the current increases are due to the current green environmentalist wankery anyway. So now they want to have even more to cure the problem they’ve caused.

Did something strange get into the water supply a few years back? Or the food? For an entire nation to go this mad there must be some deeper cause.

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