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The worst ski-jump in the world

by | 23rd, January 2013

>NOW it turns out that Eddie ‘The Eagle’ Edwards (above) is a half-decent diver (yes, we’ve seen some of ITV’s Splash and no, we haven’t stopped crying), it turns out he may not be the lousiest ski-jumper either.

Last Sunday, a professional ski jumper made a complete hash of his attempt when he slipped and fell down a slope in Sapporo, Japan, on his bony little arse.

That’s right. He didn’t even go down on skis, like our Eddie did.

Daiki Ito – who is actually rather good and has ranked highly enough in a number of skiing world cups – couldn’t even manage to hold on to the top bar at the slope, which of course, resulted in an ungainly tumble through the snow at laughably slow speeds.

So slow was Daiki Ito that he didn’t even make it off the ramp at all.

There you have it. A feel good story for everyone who isn’t a professional athlete. We may be slovenly and untoned, but at least we’re not an international mockery.

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